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Merch Freak items are covered by our 30-day return policy when returned unaltered and covered by the customer. Sales of instruments are final as we deal exclusively with wholesale distributors that maintain a final sale policy.


Q: How do you price your instruments so low? A: We maintain direct relations with wholesale distributors that place final sale prices on these instruments. Typically, it's due to over inventory and the need to move the product. Occasionally, it may result from a minor defect in the instrument, such as a small scratch on the guitar body or the misspelling of a word. This approach enables us to provide highly competitive pricing.

Music Press

We receive frequent inquiries about whether it is advisable to order the Roll Out package before releasing music. The answer in short is yes. It is recommended to plan the promotional activities well in advance of the release date. Nevertheless, we also work with music that has already been released and aims to generate new publicity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us at